We make cozy blankets the whole family loves!

Welcome to Breganwood Organics! We make super soft, breathable throw blankets that will take you from the beach, to the car/plane, to your favorite spot to read or watch TV. Want to add some color to a room? They do that too.

We use only 100% organically grown cotton for all our products

    • It makes a great quality product
    • It's safe to produce and safe to use
    • No toxic chemicals are put into the earth or the fabric during production
    • It feels lovely and soft
    • It's strong and will last 
    • It's special: only 1% of cotton in the world is organically farmed
      Fill your home with organic cotton fabrics, you'll feel good, do good!


      Organic Cotton Muslin Throw Blankets, soft, breathable, beautiful | Breganwood Organics ...