Meet Our Designers

Barbara Leonard is an acclaimed painter as well as an award-winning textile designer. Her work is distinctive: celebrating the joy of nature through color and a wonderful simplicity. And if you’re ever in London, you can go and see her paintings for yourself in the prestigious V&A Museum! Her style is so full of life that children of all ages love it. For our Jungle Collection she’s created a tropical paradise of adorable animals. The latest additions from Barbara are our new Cotton Throws for Adults. Explore more of Barbara's work at


Harmony Susalla

Harmony Susalla is not only a talented textile designer but a champion of a better quality of living through thoughtful consumerism. Turning her back on big corporations, she made the decision to ‘stop making pretty landfill’ and only design from the heart for like-minded companies. Her designs are inspired by nature and her studio, Harmony Art, is dedicated to protect it. We are thrilled to have her design both our Prairie and Outback Collections.  You can find her full organic cotton line at​​



Zoe Shaw - Designer, Rainforest and Woodland Collections

Zoe Shaw is an exciting up and coming designer from San Francisco. As a young graduate, Zoe developed both our Woodland and Rainforest Collections  whose designs have been a firm favorite since their launch. Her style is never over embellished, but always whimsical and full of character. All future classics for sure!


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