Keep Calm and Have a Bath November 2, 2015 06:53







  Sonya Rissman

We've all been there, too many demands and not enough time, or hands! Yep, sometimes parenting can try the patience of a saint! But today we’re looking on the bright side of life as a responsible adult thanks to Babycalm™ practitioner, Sonya Rissman.


Mother of three, Sonya has worked as a senior nurse and a maternity nurse for over 15 years:

“Being a Mum has always been my number 1 priority, so helping others grow a happy and loving relationship with their children just seemed to be a natural calling,” says Sonya about her work. So what’s her approach to parenting? “It’s simple: trust your instincts, relax and have fun!”

Through her workshops, web site and Facebook group, Sonya has helped countless parents listen to and trust in their natural skills so that even in those sticky moments, calm can be restored: “When it comes to your child I truly believe, you are the expert!” says Sonya.

“I support, listen, provide the latest information and offer some suggestions but I never judge and I never prescribe.

“Once you get the ball rolling, the positive parenting technique just keeps on giving: the more you trust your own judgement, the more confident you become, the calmer everyone is and the closer the bond is that develops between you and your little one.”

So Let’s Have Some Fun!
Keep Calm and Have a Bath“Bath time is a wonderful time every day to really disconnect from all the noise and connect with your child. It’s up to you to set the mood depending on what you think you both need most at the time. Do you need a bit of silliness to brighten up a gloomy day? Have things been tense in the home, or is your child finding it hard to sleep? Then maybe make it a quiet time where you just listen to the sound of the water, watch the bubbles and just ‘be’ together?

“Maybe there’s a bit of excess energy in the room (either you or your child)? What better way to blow off some steam than making up fun games and telling tales of adventures on the high seas?

“For older toddlers, bath time is a really good time to start a conversation. It can be frank, small talk or just plain silly! Ever wondered what superpower your son would love to have? Or if your daughter could be anyone who she would be? Away from all the hustle and bustle of life, this could be a wonderful chance to really share something interesting with each other.”

So, let’s go for it! Start by committing for just 7 days. When it’s bathtime promise yourself that you’ll see it as more than just getting clean, or yet another part of the neverending ‘to do’ list